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Your business will have exclusive use of the number 1-800-GOT-BUGS in your market area. Anyone who calls the number from your market will ring through to your office immediately. There are no clicks, noises or disruptions. It becomes your number in your market area. You also get some of the most advanced tele-services available at no additional charge. There is a long list of services which we can provide, which are currently only available to much larger companies. Additional minutes are charged at 2.8 cents per minute. You can even sub-lease our program to other businesses in geographic locations of your marketing area which you do not cover.

We can design recorded scripts in more than 20 languages and assist with sophisticated routing challenges for businesses with multiple locations. You will also have access to all of your inbound call data which is available in many formats, including email. We also offer an extensive array of routing, data management and voice mining features, most of which are included in your membership at no additional charge. The only risk is that your competitor calls us before you do. Don’t wait! Contact us today and change your business forever!, 248-797-9105, or 1-800-GOT-BUGS. 



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